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Helen's Hungarian Heritage Recipes Collection
About The Books
Ilona Szabo
Recipe of The Day
Author Information

I have dreamed of creating a cookbook for many years.  Collecting recipes has always been our
family's way.  My late husband
Joe and I started collection our family heritage recipes following our
marriage in 1966.  We were given a recipe booklet by grandmother as wedding gift, which was
created by her and her mother Helen when she was a young woman in the summer of 1891.  We
created our cookbooks in the sixties and in 1990 we have printed our first booklet.  

We treasured our family and our Hungarian heritage so much, that we decided to call the booklet  
Treasured Hungarian Family Recipes
™.  The subtitle of this little piece of our family was titled Our
Mom's Hungarian Heritage Recipes
™.  We planned on publishing a full cookbook in 1991 for our
Silver Wedding Anniversary.  But Life had something else to say.  My husband's death finally put a
halt on my little project.  Upon my daughter's forceful, but still loving "suggestion" I started to work on my
books.  The rest is history, today I have 7
books and countless e-books.  Even though my loving
husband is gone now, I still carry his love with me through our memories and the titles of my cookbooks
that we dreamed up together.  
Treasured Hungarian Family Recipes™ , Helen's Hungarian
Heritage Collection™
/ Mom's Hungarian Heritage Recipes™/Helen's Hungarian Rhapsody
of Recipes
remind me of the love of my life Joe, and my loving family including my sweet Mother,
Grandmothers and Father every day.
Briefly About My Books' History

For Copyright/Trademark verification
please see bottom of this page.  Live links to verify intellectual
property ownership by Helen M Radics
Kifli - Croissant
is the most popular savoury pastry
of Hungary.  It could be served
instead of bread or dinner rolls.  Its
texture is similar to that of a bagel,
however it is much lighter.  You may
also use it as a sandwich bread or
serve on its own.

Learn about the legend of the
"Kifli" from my 1st cookbook,
Treasured Hungarian Family
Recipes® 1.  

Find out why it was given its unique
shape.  Try this lovely savory pastry
today.  Use it as a snack, breakfast
bread or for a sandwich.
Kifli - Hungarian Croissant (Bread)

Our country has been blessed with soil that is perfect for wine making.  It enables wine makers to
create such world-famous wines as the delicate, golden "Tokaji Aszu" also called "The Nectar of the

The robust, and fiery "Bull's Blood".  Legend has it that during the 16th century the Turks surrounded
the City of Eger. After many days of fighting they were surprised to see that the Hungarian warriors
gained strength by drinking a deep red liquid.  Learning that the Turks sent spies to find out what the
concoction was, the clever captain of the fortress of Eger spread the rumour that his warriors were
drinking bull's blood.  The Turks were so terrified of the bloodthirsty Hungarians that they gave up
fighting for the fortress and left without looking back.

Hungarian Chicken Paprikash is a National Treasure, and one of the symbols of Hungary.  The
author Helen's Hungarian Heritage Recipe Collection in Treasured Hungarian Family Recipes
1,2 and Mom's Hungarian Heritage Recipes by Helen M Radics include this original, traditional
recipe.  There is no country in the world that hasn't heard of this brilliant red dish with a flavour on its
own.  It's fiery red colour is achieved by another Hungarian symbol, the
Hungarian Red Paprika
powder.  Outside of Hungary
"Szegedi" paprika is the best known, however every housewife in
Hungary swears by the red paprika of
Kalocsa, which is considered to be the best in the country.  

Interestingly enough Hungarians didn't even know the paprika
plant until the 16th century, during which time the Ottoman
Empire has invaded Hungary and brought with them many
exotic spices and plants, including the paprika plant.  However
during this time Hungarians used the plant as decoration for
its pretty flower.

Honey Gerbeaud Slice (Mezes Zserbo in Hungarian) is another version of the delectable
Gerbeaud Slice (Zserbo) from the world-famous Gerbeaud Cafe of Budapest.  Its delicate,
custard-like cream will make this light dessert slice a family favourite in no time.  You may also bake it
in a cake form, fill it and dust it with unsweetened cocoa powder to create an original cake fit for any
...see recipe in the recipe section or by clicking on the photos

popular in recent years especially in Canada and the United States where culinary experts incorporate
it into more and more dishes or have them as a main course.  Their natural habitat is South America
and they are also called "Musco Ducks" because of their favourite diet, mosquitoes.  People become
very curious of these special birds due to their unique appearance and special flavour.  Some people
dislike them for the very same reason and also due to their aggression and messiness.  However,
these birds are highly intelligent, trusting and friendly.  Many people keep them as pets and exhibition
birds.  It is also known as "Barbary Duck".  I became aware of these birds in one of the local specialty
stores a few years ago.  

I like to roast the legs especially for the unique flavour of the roast, that is very different from regular
ducks.  It is a nice change from chicken and turkey.  Enjoy them with red wine

Vegeta is a powdered vegetable soup base, very popular in Europe,
especially as a Chicken Soup Base.  You may also use it as a rub for roast
chicken, duck or pork chops.  There many uses for this versatile soup base.
I always use fresh ingredients, but also like to add a little bit (about a teaspoon)
of Vegeta to my dishes.  You may also add some to your rice water, boiled
potato water or turkey / chicken gravy.  Using it in a gravy is best when you drain it prior to thickening
it, to the vegetable pieces.  You would want your gravy to be smooth.  There are many other similar
products on the market, such as Delicate, but Vegeta is the most popular by all means.   It is readily
available in all European and gourmet stores

Grape Seed Oil is very beneficial for your overall health.  The health effects of grapes have recently
been attributed to the presence of antioxidants, and the seeds of grapes contain many of these
healing compounds.

Grape seeds have been pressed for their oil for several centuries, used for its medicinal properties
and as a popular skin treatment and cosmetics ingredient, and as a carrier oil for treatment with
essential oils and aromatherapy.

Grape seed extract is a safe supplement taken as a pill or a capsule. The best effect
has been noticed in the circulatory system, and include healing and supporting healthy
blood vessels.  The
antioxidants in grape seed extract may prevent cancer. Grape
seed extract is useful for its effects on high blood pressure, atherosclerosis, vision
problems, and reducing cholesterol and swelling.

Grape seed oil helps to
prevent wrinkles in several ways.  The first is by moisturizing
replacing sebum removed during cleansing.  The second is by locking moisture in and
keeping toxins out of the pores with it unique filming ability.  It dries to a lightweight invisible film a few
moments after application.  Third is the antioxidant content. The antioxidants are probably just as
important as the fatty acids.  They help to prevent and repair free radical damage, one of the primary
causes of cellular aging.  

Grape seed oil has proven to be an effective natural skin care treatment for repairing the delicate area
around the eyes.  Elsewhere on the body, it has proven to be beneficial for reducing stretch marks.  It
supports blood vessel strength and helps to protect against the collagen breakdown typically
accompanying the aging process.
The Flavours of Hungary™

Created with flickr slideshow from softsea.
Hungarian Wine is one of the best in the world
Hungarian Chicken Paprikash - Pair it with Hungarian Wine for a Complete Hungarian Experience
Hungarian Goulash  (Sertesporkolt)
Hungarian Goulash Soup (Gulyas Leves)
Chicken Paprikash  (Tejfolos Csirkepaprikas)
Elk Goulash (Szarvasporkolt)
Goat Goulash (Kecskeporkolt)
Hungarian Bean Soup With Sausages (Kolbaszos Bableves)
Lecso (Hungarian Ratatouille)
Walnut Roll & Poppy Seed Roll (Beigli)
Stuffed, Braided Egg Bread (Toltott Fonot Kalacs)
Hungarian Layered Sour Kraut (Husoskaposzta)
Hungarian Potato Paprikash with Dumplings (Paprikaskrumpli)
Hungarian Bean Goulash (Babgulyas)
Jalapeno Dinner Rolls  (Zsemle)
Green Pea Soup (Zoldborso Leves)
Hungarian Lentil Fozelek with Hungarian Burgers (Lecsefozelek-Fasirt)
Cheese Stick/Bread Stick (Sajtos Rud)
Hungarian Creamed Spinach (Spenot)
Video Recipes - Sample Recipes from My Cookbooks
Honey Gerbaud Slice (Mezes Zserbo)
Honey Gerbeaud Slice (Mezes Zserbo) is another version of the delectable Gerbeaud Slice from world-famous Gerbeud Cafe
Honey Gerbeaud Slice (Mezes Zserbo) is another version of the delectable Gerbeuad Slice (Zserbo) from the world famous Gerbeaud Cafe House in Budapest
Honey Gerbeaud (Zserbo) Slice is another version of the famous Gerbeaud (Zserbo Slice)
Muskovy Duck Roast
Muskowy Duck Roast - Fantastic with Hungarian Bull's Blood Red Wine (Helen M Radics)
Goulash Paste (Gulyas Krem)
Goulash Paste (Gulyas Krem in
is a wonderful
combination of Hungarian spices
that can be added to soups, stews,
goulash based dishes and Chicken
barbecue sauce to create an uniquely European flavour.  Goulash Paste comes in tubes and
bottles as seen on the photos.  It is widely available in European and Gourmet Stores.  
However, be careful when purchasing.  There is a sweet (not spicy, sweet here means not
"hot") and Hot.

Hungarian       English                         Hungarian           English
csipos              hot                                 csemege              sweet (not spicy)
Vegeta Seasoning (Powdered Vegetable Soup Base)
Grape Seed Oil
Hungarian Red Paprika
Learn the history of this truly versatile  spice, originally a simple garden
plant used only for decoration.  The evolution of this bright red "magic
dust" has its rightful place in Hungary's culinary history.  

It's flavour ranges from the delicate sweet to fiery.  From the pages of my
books, you will learn how Red Paprika has become a the symbol of

I wish to thank the Hungarian National Tourism Board for
providing historical, cultural and photographic assistance
We checked out your website and we are very happy that you promote Hungarian food and
delicacies online and printing form in Canada. It is very helpful to make better image about
Hungary.  We wish to thank you for keeping Hungarian heritage and our culinary treasures
alive outside the borders of Hungary.  
Keep up the wonderful work.

Mr. Gábor Kluka
Online Marketing
BTH Budapesti Turisztikai Nonprofit Kft. / Tourism Office of Budapest
Hungarian National Tourism Office

Treasured Hungarian Family Recipes®
The Secret of Hungarian Cooking®
is the registered Trademark of Helen M. Radics
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Pork Roll
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family favourite
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Helen M. Radics, EzineArticles Basic Author
Non-Plus-Ultra is one
of the most traditional
holiday recipes of
Hungary.  If you enjoy
meringues and
type pastries, you will
have a new favorite...

Helen's Hungarian
Heritage Collection™©
Magyar Kiadas e-book
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Helen M. Radics and her books were featured on CTV News, Life Network, The Record and
many more media outlets worldwide.
Life Magazine named her the official spokesperson for
Walnut Roll. Her books contain hundreds of recipes, including more than 500 photo pages that
bring to life the tempting creations of turn of the century Budapest Café Houses, the elegant dishes
of Hungarian gourmet restaurants, and the comfort food of the everyday Hungarian kitchen. Helen'
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Let her take you on a journey through Hungary's sometimes turbulent, history rich culinary world
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Helen's cookbooks are a perfect blending of Hungarian and Canadian culinary creations.
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My friends and family love the robust and unique flavor of
the Muscovy duck.  It contains much less fat, than regular
duck. It is available in specialty stores and country butcher
shops. The Muscovy duck (Cairina moschata) also known
as Musky or as a large perching duck that become very
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a lovely treat on the run
Treasured Hungarian Family Recipes®
Anniversary Edition

This special edition cookbook by the author
includes all 3 of her first cookbooks,
Treasured Hungarian Family Recipes 1,2 and
3 are combined into this highly collectible,
keepsake cookbook that your family will
cherish for generations to come.  Find all your
favorite recipes in 1 cookbook now.  
Hungarian Holiday Salad

This special salad shouldn't scare
anyone who's not a fan of traditional
salads.  It is a tasty, decorative salad
log that you can slice and serve on its
own or as a side dish to your meats.  
The original version of this salad is
very popular in Hungary.  The
traditional recipe was made into this
decorative version to give it an update.
Edible Tulips (Roma Tomatoes)
Great Valentine's Day Recipe

This is another decorative dish that you can
serve during the holiday season, on birthdays
and other special occasions.  Why don't you
surprise you special someone  for Valentine's


You will earn extra points as a romantic from
your wife or girlfriend.  Surprise her with this
complicated looking, decorative dish.  

Don't worry it is NOT hard to re-create.  

All you need is Roma tomatoes, cream
cheese, chives and green onions.  To view
video recipe or the recipe on my Blog please
click below.
Pozsonyi Kifli

This is a very popular pastry in Hungary,
fillings could be walnut, sweet cottage
cheese, chocolate or poppy seeds.  

This is another easy to prepare, elegant light
dessert.  Contrary to popular belief, this
recipe does not contain any cream, but made
with milk as the original Hungarian recipe.  

I have create this special version of the
Sacher Cake for my first television
appearance on CTV which was a live
cooking segment.  

This is a very popular and traditional pastry
usually served during Christmas and Easter

This is another traditional comfort food,
originally called
Rizseshus, roughly
translated as Rice and Meat.  

It is a peasant dish that the most elegant
restaurants also include on their menu.

This is another traditional, peasant dish
served in every household and restaurant in

This traditional pastry is very popular in
Hungary filled with delectable home made
apricot jam and dusted with powdered

There are many versions bu this is the

Jellied pork is another traditional dish that
has originated as a peasant dish.  For
generations, this dish has been the regularly
served in every single household of Hungary
and all restaurants offer it on their menu
during the winter.  It is also a traditional dish
during Christmas.

Turkey has always been a part of my family's
weekends as my Father had a turkey farm in
Hungary and contracted his birds all over

I, personally was never a great lover of turkey
as it was on the menu at home every week,
however my daughter just loves turkey.

Many of Hungary's most famous creations
started out as peasant dishes.  Hungarian
Goulash, Hungarian Goulash Soup, Chicken
Paprikash, Potato Soup, Bean Soup and
many more.

You will find hundreds of recipes in my


This pastry has Jewish origins as there are
many Jewish people in Hungary.  However for
generations it has been a traditional pastry
especially during Easter.  

This tasty pastry can be made with or without
raisins and is served on a regular bases in
every household.  
HUNGARY (Click on Image to view video)

Hungary has always been one of the most
beautiful countries of the World.  

It's architectural masterpieces, history, culture
and culinary creations have always been
attracting millions of tourists every year.  

You will find stories, culinary history, food facts
and hundreds of recipes in my 7 English
language and 1 Hungarian language

I also has numerous e-cookboks/baking books
available for purchase.  

O.K.  I know I'm Hungarian and Chilli isn't
Hungarian, but it is a family favorite and after
you try my recipe you will never want another
one.  Your family will ask for it every week.  

Pair it with my dinner rolls or Jalapeno bread

Everyone loves chocolate cake, I'm no
exception and I'm sure you also adore it.  

My purple book is a complete baking book
from sweet to savory recipes, but you will also
find cake recipes in my other cookbooks as
well as in the e-books.

This soup is my original recipe which I
created for one Thanksgiving.  Everyone fell
in love with the rich tasting, decorative, yet
light dish, so it stayed in my recipe repertoire.

Another Thanksgiving soup tha tyou will fall
in love with. I created it after the success of
the previous recipe.

Outside of Hungary, many people believe that
Hungarian Goulash and Hungarian Goulash
Soup is the same, which couldn't be further
from the truth.  Hungarian Goulash is a hardy
main dish served with Hungarian Nokedli and
Hungarian Goulash Soup is a one-bowl-dish
and is a soup.

Hungarian Fish soup is considered one of the
oldest dishes of the country.  It is colorful fiery
and mouth-watering.  

Every household serves it on a regular bases,
however there are many different versions of
this dish, but I like the original most.  

Serve this decorative, easy to prepare dish for
breakfast, brunch, holiday breakfast, part of a
picnic or a as a quick snack.  Try adding
different herbs, ham or your favorite topping to
make it your own.