Helen's Hungarian Heritage Collection™ is latest
cookbook by author and
Life Magazine Spokesperson
Helen M Radics
(maiden name Ilona Szabo).

Helen M Radics' heritage recipe books are the only
passport ever needed to journey through Hungary's
history rich culinary world.

Put a little Spice in Your Life!
The author shares with you more traditional recipes,
family specialties and new sections for oven
temperature, measurements and a special herb section,  
that are lightheartedly illustrated.  

Helen's Hungarian Heritage Collection™
Table of Contents

Liquid Measurements
Worldwide Measurement Chart
Dry Measurements
Oven Temperatures
Hungarian Worlds Used in Recipes
Herbal Dictionary
History of Hungarian Goulash

Hungarian Peasant Favorites

Hungarian Peasant Pork in Red Wine
Peasant Cabbage
Spaghetti Squash "Fozelek"
Tripe Goulash
Pork Goulash
Beef Goulash
Bacon Baked Country Rabbit
Peasant Goulash
Budapest Goulash
Crispy Pork Roast
Peppered Beef Roast
Spicy Country Roast
Gypsy Streak Salad
Tolnay  Liver  Roast with Apples and Onion
Spicy Salmon
Layered Meatloaf
Eszterhazy Roast
Country Chicken with Green Peas
Layered Peasant Potato
Egg Ragu with Green Peas
Mustard Pork Chops
Country Mushroom Chicken
Hungarian Pork Hock
Burgundy Tenderloin
Roast a'la Radnay
Hunter Meat Balls
Hunter Style Turkey
Layered Roast
Spicy Chicken a'la Helen Jr.
Baker's Goose
Southern Pork
Herdsman's Roast
Village Potatoes

Goulash Soup
Hungarian Country Soup
Country Harvest Bean Soup
Harvest Style Hunter Soup
Cheesy Zucchini Soup
Broccoli Cream Soup
Chicken Soup a'la Ujhazy
Peasant Bean Soup with Hungarian Sausage
Helen's Zucchini Soup
Hungarian Bean Goulash Soup
Sour Cherry Soup
Rustic Harvest Potato Soup
Fall Lentil Soup
Wine Lover's Grape Soup
Wine Lover's Grape Soup 2.
Hungarian Caraway Seed Soup
Harvest Carrot Soup
Sweet Fennel Soup
Cream of Celery Soup
Hungarian Onion Soup
Hungarian Cabbage Soup
Rustic Beef Soup
Hangover Soup
Rustic Hungarian Tomato Soup

Holiday Dishes
Thanksgiving Sweet Potato Soup
Thanksgiving Roasted Pumpkin Soup
Thanksgiving Turkey Drumsticks
Thanksgiving Turkey Cake
Stuffed Thanksgiving Turkey
Halloween Eyeballs (Meatballs)
Halloween Cookies
Halloween Spiderweb Cookies
Halloween Cake
Valentine's Day "Love Cake"
Valentine's Red Velvet Cake Balls
Valentine's Princess Soup
Valentine's Day Imitation Crab Salad
Golden Christmas Bites
Christmas Mini Cakes
Christmas "Stained Glass Cookies"
Christmas Duck Roast
Poppy Seed Beigli "Makos Beigli"
Christmas Jellied Pork
Christmas Square
Christmas Cabbage Rolls

Meat Dishes
Butterflied Lamb Roast
Pork with Pineapple
Pork Rolls in Wine Sauce
Hungarian Meatballs
Curried Meatballs
Beer Battered Chicken
Chicken  Florentine a'la Helen
Pork Chops
Lemonade Pork Chops
Lemon Leg of Lamb Roast
Venison Roulade
Ham and Cheese Ring

Side Dishes
Hidden Rice
Bun Balls
Browned Acini de Pepe Pasta
Potato Balls
Red Wine Braised Red Cabbage
White Wine Braised White Cabbage
Golden Corn Salad
Cilantro Potatoes
Spinach Pesto Salad
Citrus Salad with Lime
Grilled Carrots and Fennel
Coconut Raisin Rice
Hungarian Dill Sauce
Sour Cherry Sauce
Gooseberry Sauce
Hungarian Tomato Sauce
Hungarian Onion Sauce
Arugula Sauce
Pastries and Sweets
Orange Pecan Biscuits
Peasant Strudel
Irresistible Chocolate Bites
Savoury Cheese Twists
Helen's Marble Tea Cake
Strawberry Jello Roll
Eclairs with Mocha Cream Filling
Brandy Snap Rings
Apple Custard Slice
Custard Slice a'la Debrecen
Pecan Meringue
Coconut Meringue
Fluffy Coconut Custard Slice
Sour Cherry Square
Helen's Pecan Square
Helen's Hungarian Heritage Collection™
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Helen's Hungarian Heritage Collection™
by Helen M Radics
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