Hungarian Rhapsody of Recipes
Treasured Hungarian Family Recipes™ 1,2,3  
Mom's Hungarian Heritage Recipes™
Helen's Hungarian Heritage Collection™
Helen's Hungarian Rhapsody of Recipes™
by Helen M Radics

... are hidden gems of Hungarian heritage cooking for the person who appreciates
very best of old-world recipes, elegant European cuisine and traditional home
Helen M Radics' cookbooks, Treasured Hungarian Family Recipes™ (1,2,3) , Mom's Hungarian
Heritage Recipes
and Helen's Hungarian Heritage Collection  are the true Hungarian
Rhapsody of Recipes
that will forever enrich you kitchen.

The author's love of food and cooking shine through every well constructed and easy to follow
recipe that earned her the title of
Official Life Magazine Spokesperson for "Walnut Roll".  
However she does not force you to purchase any of her cookbooks.  She openly and freely
shares with you dozens of FREE Video Recipes, knowing that each potential customer will
realize the uniqueness of her collections and purchase her cookbooks regardless.  People
around the world know that Helen M Radics' cookbooks are the only passport needed to take a
journey through Hungary's history rich culinary world...

She shares with you a wide variety of traditional recipes and original creations that you will only
find in her special collection of cookbooks, created by  her and her late husband Joe Radics in
the late sixties following their marriage.  

Browse through all the recipes and historical information included in her books and you will
surely find something that you have been searching for years:

Historical Section

Hungarian Culinary History                                   History of Red Paprika
Herbal Dictionary                                                      Hungarian Wine History
Hungarian Wine Selection                                      Menu Planning
Budapest Cafe House                                             Gourmet Restaurants
Family History                                                            Oils, Herbs
Hungarian Smoked Specialties                            Your Pantry
Hungarian Easter                                                      History of Hungarian Goulash

Some of the Recipes by Helen M Radics
Honeydew Fruit Salad
Fruit Salad in Watermelon Basket
Hungarian Cucumber Salad - Uborkasalata
Baked Figs in Port Reduction & Cheese
Crab Salad
Arugula  Salad with Truffle Dressing
Hungarian Cucumber Salad with Sour Cream - Tejfolos Uborkasalata
Baked Eggs a'la Helen
Summer Salad with Olives
Helen's Zucchini Soup
Bean Goulash - Babgulyas
Hungarian Meat Ball Soup - Husgomboc Leves
Goulash Soup - Gulyas Leves
Hungarian Chicken Soup - Csirke Husleves
Pork Dill "Csorba" Soup  - Csorba Leves
Hunter Soup with Mushrooms - Vadasz Leves Gombaval
Hungarian Potato Soup - Krumpli Leves
Peasant Split Pea Soup - Vagottborso Leves
Dumpling Soup - Grizgaluska Leves
Hungarian Green Bean Soup - Zoldborso Leves
Hungarian Liver Dumpling Soup - Majgomboc Leves
Peach Mango Soup
Sour Apple Soup
Black Berry Port Soup
Hungarian Bean Soup with Sausages - Kolbaszos Bableves
Grandma's Chicken Soup - Nagymama Csirkehuslevese
Peasant Soup - Betyar Leves
Spring Ragu Soup - Tavaszi Ragu Leves
Wine Soup-Borleves
Red Wine & Beet Soup - Ceklaleves Vorosborral
Broccoli Cream Soup -Broccoli Kremleves
Chicken Soup a'la Ujhazy - Ujhazi Tyukhusleves
Beet Soup With Apples-Ceklaleves Almaval
Garlic Soup with Sage- Fokhagyma Leves
Teragon Vegetable Soup - Zoldseg Leves
Lemon Soup With Parsley-Citromleves
Zucchini Soup with Basil-Cukkini Leves Bazsilikommal
Herbed Tomato Soup-Paradicsomleves
Cold Cucumber Soup With Mint I -Hideg Uborkaleves Mentollal I.
Cold Cucumber Soup with Mint II -Hideg Uborkaleves Mentollal
Pineapple-Mango Soup
French Onion Soup
Seafood Soup with Shrimp
Cold Dill Soup-Hideg Kaporleves
Vegetable Cream Soup-Zoldseges Kremleves
Italian Wedding Soup
Celery Root Soup - Zeller Leves
Kohlrabi Soup -Karalabe Leves
Hungarian Mushroom Soup - Gombaleves
Hungarian Fish Soup - Halaszle
Chilled Summer Fruit Soup - Gyumolcsleves
Green Pea Soup - Zoldborso Leves
Cauliflower Soup - Karfiol Leves
Cold Cucumber Soup - Hideg Uborka Leves
Hungarian Bean Soup - Bableves
Hungarian Goulash - Porkolt
Hungarian Hamburger  - Fasirt
Gypsy Steak - Ciganypecsenye
Barbecued Ribs - Sult Oldalas
Chicken Goulash - Csirkeporkolt
Chicken Paprikash with Mushrooms - Tejfolos Csirkepaprikas
Stuffed Pork Roast - Toltott  Disznohus
Hungarian Layered Potato  - Rakottkrumpli
Lamb Goulash with Red Wine -  Birkaporkolt
Hungarian Goat Goulash - Kecskeporkolt
Hungarian  Rabbit  Goulash - Nyulporkolt
Hungarian Egg Goulash - Tojasporkolt
Hungarian Creamed Green Bean - Zoldborsofozelek
Hungarian Creamed Green Pea - Zoldborsofozelek
Hungarian Creamed Potato - Krumplifozelek
Hungarian Bean "Fozelek" - Babfozelek
Hungarian Creamed Squash with Dill - Kapros Tokfozelek
Hungarian Tomato Cabbage - Paradicsomos Kaposzta
Savoy Cabbage "Fozelek" - Kelkaposzta Fozelek
Hungarian Lentil  "Fozelek" - Lencsefozelek
Hungarian Potatoes in Tomato Sauce - Paradicsomos Krumpli
Hungarain Peperno Pasta with Meat - Husostarhonya
Bacon Wrapped Stuffed Beef- Bacon Szalonnaba Tekert Toltott Marhaszelet
Stuffed Chicken Thigh - Toltott Csirkecomb
Hungarian Stuffed Chicken - Toltottcsirke
Oven Roasted Lamb Shanks - Sult Baranycombok
Oven Roasted Duck Legs with Apple Sauce - Sult Nyul Almaszosszal
Champagne Chicken Breast - Pezsgos Csirke
Goat Baked in Red Wine - Vorosborban Sult Kecske
Breaded Frog Legs - Rantott Bakacomb
Breaded Foie Gras -  Rantott Kacsamaj
Breaded Chicken Liver - Rantott Csirkemaj
Breaded Beef or Pork Liver - Rantott Sertes vagy Marha Maj
Stuffed Tenderloin II.
Stuffed Tenderloin III
Drunken Chicken - Reszeges Csirkesult
Drunken Chicken  II- Reszeges Csirkesult
Bacon Wrapped Chicken Breast
Oven Baked Tenderloin II.
Breaded Oysters
Traditional Hungarian Pork Burgers - Hagyomanyos Fasirt
Hungarian Beef Burgers - Marha Fasirt
Hungarian Turkey Burgers - Pulykafasirt
Hungarian Lamb Burgers - Birkafasirt
Hungarian Chicken Burgers - Csirkefasirt
Chipotle Burger
Jalapeno Cillantro Burgers
Turkey Burger
Baked Chicken - Sult Csirke
Pesto Pene
Pork Goulash - Sertesporkolt
Beef Goulash -  Marhaporkolt
Venison Paprikash - Szarvasporkolt
Mushroom Paprikash/Goulash - Gombaporkolt
Tripe Goulash - Pacalporkolt
Pork Feet Goulash - Koromporkolt
Wiener Schnitzel - Becsi Szelet
Parisian Breaded Pork - Parizsi Szelet
Christmas Roast Dish - Disznotoros Tal
Peasant Plate  - Fatanyeros
Hungarian Rice and Meat - Rizibizi
Breaded Cauliflower-
Rantott Karfiol
Breaded Mushrooms - Rantott Gomba
Breaded Eggplant - Rantott Padlizsan
Hungarian Cabbage Rolls - Toltott Kaposzta
Hungarian Layered Sour Kraut - Husoskaposzta
Lecso - Hungarian Ratatouille
Hungarian Liver Paprikash - Dinsztelt Maj
Pork Roast a'la Helen - Disznopecsenye
Leg of Lamb Roast - Sult Birkacomb
Stuffed Short Rib Roast - Toltott Borda
Hungarian Stuffed Meat Loaf I. - Toltott Fasirt
Hungarian Stuffed Meat Loaf II. -  Toltott Fasirt
Roasted Duck- Sult Kacsa
"Vadas" with Bunn Balls - Vadas Zsemlegomboccal
Hungarian Stuffed Peppers - Toltott Paprika
Stuffed Pork Tenderloin- Toltott Vesepecsenye
Meat Rolls - Hustekercs
Fettuccini with Mushrooms
Hungarian Fried Chicken - Rantott Csirke
Garlic Short Ribs with Marjoram-  Fokhagymas, Majoranas Pecsenye
Hungarian Potato Paprikash with Dumplings - Paprikaskrumpli Kolbasszal, Galuskaval
Pasta Puttanesca a'la Helen
Olive Galore
Tomato Basil Salad
Bacon Baked Fish - Bacon Szalonnaba Tekert Hal Pecsenye
Short Ribs Baked in Red Wine - Vorosborban Sult Pecsenye Borda
Chicken with Green Peas - Zoldborsos Tepszis Csikre
Oven Roasted Cornish Hen
Chicken Breast with Apples and Zucchini
Baked Pork Chops - Sult Karaly
Standing Rib Roast
Pork Baked in White Wine
Baked Chicken and Potatoes
Peasant Chicken - Parasztos Sult Csirke
Pork Chops with Mustard Sauce - Mustaros Karaly
Pork On Fire-Langolo Disznosult
Happy Pork Roast-Reszeges Disznosult
Braided Tenderloin-Fonott Vesepecsenye
Lecso Roast- Lecsos Szelet
Helen's Pork Roast - Helen Disznopecsenyeje
Braised Pork a'la Brasso - Brassoi Apropecsenye
Sour Cabbage Salad - Kaposztasalata
Salmon Salad - Lazac Salata
Carrot Salad with Apples - Sargarepa Salata Almaval
Mushroom Salata- Gombasalata
Garden Vegetable Cottage Cheese - Korozott
Herbed Liver Pate - Majpastetom
Sage Egg Salad- Zsalyas Csirkesalata
Devilled Eggs - Kaszino Tojas
White Wine Roasted Cornish Hen
Beer Baked Pork
Peach Stuffed Chicken Breast
Hungarian Oven Baked Rabbit- Sult Nyul
Hungarian Rice & Peas- Rizibizi
Parsley Potatoes - Petrezselymes Burgonya
Hungarian Oven Roasted Potatoes - Tepsziben sult Burgonya
Hungarian Vegetable Salad - Franciasalata
Hungarian Oven Roasted Potatoes with Bacon - Tepsziskrumpli Szalonnaval
Helen's Oven Roasted Garden Rice
Hungarian Onion Smashed Potatoes - Hagymas Krumpli
Nokedli (Hungarian Egg Noodle Droplets) - Nokedli
Sacher Cake- Sacher Torta
Hungarian Walnut Cake- Diotorta
Hungarian Sour Cherry Rum Bake- Meggyes Piskota
Helen's Chocolate Pretzels
Eszterhazy Cake -
Eszterhazy Torta
Flaming Crapes a'la Gundel- Gundel Palacsinta
Hungarian Crapes- Palacsinta
Dobos Torte- Dobos Torta
Jokai Cake-Jokai Torta
Punch Cake-Punch Torta
Black Forest Cake-Fekete Erdo Torta
Lemon Meringue Cake-Citromos Habcsok Torta
Chocolate Cake-Csokolade Torta
Chocolate Mocha Cake-Csokolade Mokka Torta
Thanksgiving Cake-Hala Adas Torta
Halloween Cake-Farsangi Torta
Raspberry Chocolate Cake-Csokolades Malna Torta
Hungarian Floating Islands-Madartej
Valentine's Day "Love Cake" -Balintnapi Szerelem Torta
Citrus Cake-Citromos Torta
Red Velvet Cake Balls-Piros Selyem Torta Golyocskak
Golden Chocolate Mignons-Csokolade Minyom
Helen's Easy Cake-Helen Husveti Tortaja
Christmas Mini Cake-Karacsonyi Mini Torta
Claud Slice -Francia Kremes
Coconut Balls-Kokuszos Golyok
Rigo Jancsi
Chestnut Roll-
Gesztenyes Piskotatekercs
Banana Bonbon-Bananos Bonbon
Simple Custard Slice-Kremes
Csoroge Pastry -Csoroge Fank
Stained Glass Christmas Cookies-Szines Uveg Aprosutemeny
Halloween Cookies-Farsangi Aprosutemeny
Spiderwebs Cookies-Farsangi "Pokhalos" Aprosutemeny
Rose Donuts-Rozsafank
Poppy Seed Roll-Makos Beigli
Cranberry Rum Truffles
Cheesy Bread Stick-
Sajtos Rud
Olive Bread Stick-Olajbogyos Sajtos Rud
Pesto Bread Stick-Pesztos Sajtos Rud
Garlic Bread Stick-Fokhagymas Sajtos Rud
Jalapeno Bread Stick-
Olive Twists-
Cornmeal Biscuits-
Savory Cottage Cheese Parcels -
Ham & Egg Flowers-
Cottage Cheese Balls-
Hungarian Potato Biscuits-
Blue Cheese Jalapeno Biscuits-
Bacon Biscuits-
Cheese Biscuits-
Cottage Cheese Biscuits-
Ham & Cheese Biscuits-
Erospaprikas Sajtos Rud
Cranberry Biscuits
Carnival Donuts-
Farsangi Fank
Snow Croissants-Hokifli
Heart Meringues-Szivhabcsok
Meringue Rings-Habcsok Karika
Chocolate Filled Croissants-Csokoladeval Torltott Kifli
Meringue Ghosts-Habcsok Kisertet
Amaretti Cookies
chocolate Linzer-
Csokolades Linzer
Valentine's Day Cookies-Balint Napi Aprosutemeny
Blue Cheese Spirals-Sajt Tekercs
Hungarian Gerbeaud (Zserbo) Slice- Zserbo
Lemon Custard Dream
Hungarian Walnut Roll- Dios Beigli
Three Colored Egg Bread- Toltott Fonott Kalacs
Hungarian Apple-Raisin Donuts- Almas Fank
Hungarian Mignon  - Minyom
Frosty Fruits
Rakoczy Strudel - Rakoczy Turos
Hungarian Linzer - Linzer
Jam Pretzels - Lekvaros Perec
Halloween Cookies
Peaches - Barackocskak (suti)
Mother-in-law Cake - Anyos Torta
Raspberry Tiramisu
Amaretto Truffles
Chestnut Truffles
Orange Chocolate Truffles
Tequilla Lime Truffles
Rum Basil Truffles
Artesian Country Bread- Paraszt Kenyer
Rosemary Country Bread -Rozmaringos Paraszt Kenyer
Olive Bunns - Olajbogyos Zsemle
Red Chili Truffles
Marzipan Truffles
Olive Buns
Jalapeno Bread
Crusty Hungarian Bread- Ropogos Magyar Kenyer
Hungarian Bread Stick- Sajnto Rud
Hungarian Walnut Dinner Rolls -Dios Zsemle
Hungarian Biscuits- Pogacsa
Olive & Sundried Tomato Focaccia
Hungarian Croissants - Kifli  
Olive and Sundried Tomato Fougasse
Sweet Cottage Cheese Pasta -Edes Turosteszta
Savory Cottage Cheese Pasta-Tepertos Turosteszta
Sweet Cabbage Pasta-Edes Kaposztasteszta
Savory Cabbage Pasta -Borsos Kaposztasteszta
Hungarian Potato Paprikash Pasta -Krumplisteszta
Spaghetti with Meatballs -Spagetti Husgomboccal
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