(Ilona Szabo)
Helen M Radics
Cookbook author and Life Magazine Spokesperson
Helen M Radics, author of
Treasured Hungarian Family Recipes™ 1,2,3  /  Mom's
Hungarian Heritage Recipes™
/ Helen's Hungarian Heritage Collection™ / Helen's Hungarian
Rhapsody of Recipes
,  was born in Komarom, Hungary over sixty years ago to
Ferenc Szabo prominent winery owner,  and to Susanna Tolnay of noble birth.  On
her mother's side she is also related to famed actress Klari Tolnay.   

The young Helen, or as known at the time Ilona Szabo, and her twin brother Sandor
Szabo were the youngest of the children.  Their mother, as most ladies at the time,
did not work outside of the home.  Ilona Szabo's father distributed her own wine label
internationally and also owned an international turkey business.  

Helen (Ilona Szabo) found her way easily around her mother's and grandmothers'
kitchens at a young age.  She was happiest when the ladies of her family asked her
to assist with their preparation of lunch or dinner.  At the tender age of 10 she already
knew more about cooking then many of her sisters.  However her biggest test came
when her Mother sustained a back injury and the young Helen needed to cook for the
entire family.  Even today, as she remembers that trying time,  she admits it shaped
her who she is.  Or at least it became a starting point to a life that was full of happy
memories, mouth-watering dishes and tempting desserts.  

Helen finished university in Szeged Hungary and set up her own business, a
boutique with such success, that its reputation is still known and well respected in
Hungary.   The young Helen (Ilona Szabo) met and married prominent architect and
famed professional boxer Joe Radics in 1966.  Joe, the love of her life, didn't only
share her passion for life, but for food and cooking as well.  They started to collect
Hungarian heritage recipes from both sides of their families and continued the now
legendary traditions of Helen's grandmother Apollonia.  

Helen & Joe moved to Austria with their only daughter Helen almost 3 decades ago,
then 26 years ago to Canada.  They made their home in Kitchener-Waterloo, where
Joe continued in his profession and Helen became a home maker, then a real-estate

They planned publishing a cookbook since 1966, and in 1990, Helen & Joe Radics
created their first cookbooklet prior to their Silver Wedding Anniversary.  Pride in
their Hungarian Heritage, and respect for their mothers' family traditions  prompted
them to title the book

The Treasured Hungarian Heritage Recipes™


Our Mom's Hungarian Heritage Recipes™
They dedicated their booklet to their daughter Helen.  Helen  & Joe planned on publishing a
full size cookbook for their Silver Wedding Anniversary, however life had something else to

The entire project, although finished was put on hold temperately, then permanently following
the untimely death of Joe.   Losing her beloved husband was devastating  for the still young
Helen.  She suddenly, in her late thirties, she found herself all alone, with her daughter in a
new country.  The last thing she was considering is publishing their cookbook.

For many years the precious collection of Helen M Radics' Hungarian Heritage Collection has
been forgotten, and set collecting dust on the bookshelf.  Following the death of her twin
brother Sandor, Helen felt the urge to finally publish her cookbook, but still put it on hold for a
while.   In 2010, while looking for a book to read, her daughter Helen Radics Jr. found these
treasured and cherished family recipes to be amazing and asked her Mother Helen why she
never considered publishing them.  

Helen M Radics wasn't sure if there would be a market for her treasured cookbook, created
with the love of her life.  Her daughter told her it was created to be shared with the world, to
enrich the lives of others.  Leaving it on the shelf would rob an entire generation of Hungarians
and the rest of the world of a unique culinary treasure.

Finally, the author gave in to her daughter's loving voice and decided to publish her first
Treasured Hungarian Family Recipes™ 1.  Today, the rest is history.  Her first
cookbook, or as their customers lovingly call it, "The Red Book", spread like wildfire all over
the world.   Only a short year after the publication of the first book Helen M Radics has
published 4 titles all together

Treasured Hungarian Family Recipes™ 1 / Treasured Hungarian Family Recipes™ 2
Treasured Hungarian Family Recipes™ 3 / Mom's Hungarian Heritage Recipes™
Helen's Hungarian Heritage Collection™ / Helen's Hungarian Rhapsody of Recipes

The 5th cookbook is in under publication at this time.  Helen M Radics was also named
the official
Life Magazine Spokesperson for "Walnut Roll" following a successful
campaign called "The battle for Supremacy" during the 2010 Christmas Season.  
Helen M Radics has lead her team to success in this annual battle.  Sometimes when
the author thinks back to her childhood in Hungary, she is surprised how many years
have passed.  Today she is a successful Mother, celebrated author, popular video
cooking instructor and the ambassador of Hungarian culinary traditions.  Her
achievements and dedication to Hungarian culture and the spreading of Hungary's
culinary treasures were highly praised by the
Hungarian National Tourism Board in

Helen M Radics was also featured by several cooking segment on CTV News, Life
Network and numerous media outlets worldwide.  When someone asks the author
about her experience as an author and cookbook creator, she replies the following
Although Life had its emotional ups and downs from time to time, creating and publishing a
cookbook was mostly a good experience.  The only unwanted part of it was another
cookbook author's unprofessional behaviour which bothered me for a while, however today, I
know that life is too short to waste  on someone else's problems, so  I wish her all the best.   

However, for the larger part, I love being an author.  All my customers appreciate my recipes
and efforts in spreading Hungarian culture.  I consider myself to be an educator , and try to
spread my heritage all over the world.  If someone likes my recipes, they are welcome to
purchase my cookbooks, however, they do not need to.  I have dozens of free cooking videos
for everyone to enjoy.  I do not tease  people with recipe titles, I share free recipes with
them.  However, most of my viewers on YouTube and my websites enjoy my recipes and
wish to passed them down to the next generation,so they decide to purchase my cookbook.

My books are most popular in Canada, USA, England and Australia.  I have many repeat
customers, who can't wait to have the latest volume of my books.  

My books are distributed worldwide in over 100 stores, through eBay, and our websites.
Helen M Radics is planning on publishing several more volumes of Treasured Hungarian
Family Recipes
and other Hungarian Heritage Recipe Cookbooks.  Her daughter Helen has
also been writing since she was 6.  Her poems were published in 1999 and she has won
several poetry contests.  She has recently published the story of her Mother as a cookbook
author titled
The Bully, which is chronicling her mother's problems with another cookbook
author's obsession with her and her books.  She is currently working  on another novel, that
will be published in December of 2011.    
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