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Hello Everyone It's me again, or as the Bully calls me "The Ugliest Baby Gorilla"

Hello Everyone It’s me again, or as the Bully calls me “The Ugliest Baby Gorilla”

Hello Everyone!

Well, as much as you like reading my bully updates, we had a discussion with my Mom and decided that this is the last blog entry about this obsessive competitor as we don’t want to be dragged into her chaotic lifestyle any longer. It might be fun for this “lady” to harass others, and to stay up all night and to sit in front of the computer monitor day after day, dreaming up newer and more destructive ways to turn our lives upside-down, but some of us have lives to live and cookbooks to write :) So, no more time wasted on her, because I believe that bullies crave attention and feed on fear and pain. And we are definitely not afraid of her and the only person she can cause pain to in the long run is herself. This bully has to play in her playground alone from now on.

I will share with you some of her blog entries from today on yet another bully blog by her, which of course is about us or I should say, as the bully sees us. How does she actually call us? :) Big ugly Mama Gorilla and the ugliest baby gorilla :) Lovely isn’t it?

Today, she posted the following

Proverbs 6:16-20 There are six things the LORD hates–no, seven things he detests: haughty eyes, a lying tongue, hands that shed innocent blood, a heart that devises wicked schemes, feet that are quick to rush into evil, a false witness who pours out lies and a person who stirs up conflict in the community. (ON FACEBOOK)blockquote>

Author Helen M Radics - My Mom, or as The Bully calls her "The Big Ugly Gorilla"  How intelligent

Author Helen M Radics – My Mom, or as The Bully calls her “The Big Ugly Gorilla” How intelligent

boy the trademark bullies are stupid!

haha haha haha haha

boy the trademark bullies are stupid!

we do whatever, whenever, with whom-ever
we wish
no one can stop us!
no one removes us..
24/7 bullying….

The bullies like to post stupid lies because that’s all they know how to do!

Well, I will let you form your own opinion on how mentally stable someone like this is.

Thank you for followers our little blog, which was supposed to be about delicious recipes and our cookbooks but was hijacked by The Bully. Well, not any longer. We say goodbye to this “lovely lady” and wish her good luck and we hope that she will find other playmates who are willing to give her the attention that she is so desperately seeking. :)

And to all our loyal following, please come back tomorrow for more delicious recipes and my Mom’s return. Her broken toe has prevented her form creating new video recipes but hopefully she will completely recover soon. Take care and lets make this the best foodie blog ever. :)

Oh, One More Thing! Almost forgot! Huge Father’s Day Sale of our cookbooks. Buy 1 Cookbook and Get a 2nd Cookbook FREE. Happy Father’s Day

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