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Helen Radics Jr. temporary author of this blog pending return of Helen M. Radics

Helen Radics Jr. temporary author of this blog pending return of Helen M. Radics

Hello Everyone! I know, I know, I said that I will not give any more attention on our blog to this bully. However, today after she read my blog entry, she claimed “victory” over us. In her twisted mind :) we apparently gave up the battle (she makes it sound like war, and calls it guerrilla warfare) because we stated that we are not wasting any more time on our blog to deal with her issues.

She also states that this was our swan song, before we die or retire. How tasteless can you can? She also goes on ranting and raving about us contacting the police, filing charges at the Criminal Court of Canada, seeking assistance from the RCMP (Royal Canadian Mounted Police) and hiring our attorney to deal with her copyright infringing activities and defamatory actions. She commented that we had an expensive lesson to learn as we spent too much money on attorney fees already.

She gathered from my previous blog entry that we gave up, and realized that we cannot win against her. Well, I’d like to invite her to read my blog entry once again as she clearly didn’t understand its meaning.

I will highlight this part so she can feel important for one last time. :) I’d like to state in a clear language that she could understand

1. We will never give up our creations

2. We will never give up protecting our rights and the rights of our copyright / trademark registered intellectual properties, namely our cookbooks and e-books

3. We will go on filing DMCA Takedown Notices whenever we deem it necessary

4. We will seek assistance from the authorities whenever need to

5. We will not allow the bully to spread lies, innuendos, libelous content and defamatory statements about us

6. A lawsuit is being filed

7. The RCMP has a file open on her due to copyright / trademark infringement

8. We will continue contacting all sites where this bully illegally uses our intellectual properties, cookbook titles, company slogans or slanders us

9. We will take the necessary steps to protect our copyright / trademark protected company logo
10. I will protect my Mother’s identity, Helen M. Radics and maiden name Ilona Szabo as the bully is in the habit of stating that either she is Helen Radics author of Treasured Hungarian Family Recipes™© or that her Mother Ilona Szabo co-authored Treasured Hungarian Family Recipes™© and Helen’s Hungarian Rhapsody of Recipes™©.

11. Theft of any kind will be dealt with through DMCA takedown notices or through legal channels

I hope that this was clear for the Bully and that she realizes that if she continues to steal our products, identity, posts defamatory libelous content and harass as in any manner, it will be reported to the authorities and dealt with accordingly.

What I was attempting to get across to this “lady” is that our blog will not be filled with any more updates on her obsessive behavior and underhanded actions. Any further violation of our rights will be dealt with privately and legally.

So, I hope this was clear enough :)

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I am Canadian cookbook author and Life Magzine spokesperson, Helen M Radics born Ilona Szabo. I have 8 internationally recognized English language Hungarian cookbooks, featured on CTV, Life Network and by Life Magazine. I am sharing with you The Secret of Hungarian Cooking®© , through my cookbooks and free video recipes, that will make you fall in love with the Flavours of Hungary™© one delicious recipe at a time.
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