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I’d like to share you my some photos from the live cooking segment that was featured on CTV with news anchor Kyle Christie. What fun I had! :) I revealed the secret of Hungarian Goulash, Nokedli (Egg Noddles), and shared one of my family favorites, the delectable Sacher Cake with the staff. I ctvky1
have changed the signature Sacher inscription to CTV to surprise the studio staff and viewers.

I shouldn’t deny that I was nervous the night before and I haven’t slept much. But something happened to me as we got there. I was so calm that I surprised even my self and being a live show I was only hoping that I won’t burn down the studio in front of millions of people. The 20 minutes leading up to the segment was the longest wait that I’ve every experienced. Finally, Kyle, the anchor came and told us the when they go to the next break, the portable kitchen counter will be rolled into the studio. Kyle told me to turn on the burners of the stove that I wanted to use as it takes a long time to warm up. So I did, still worrying about setting fire to everything. ctvky2

As I looked over my “temporary” kitchen, I was satisfied with the view. We have decorated the counter-top with some of my cookbooks, a basket of colorful peppers, tomatoes, packages of Hungarian red paprika, spices and of course a bowl of Hungarian Goulash, Nokedli (Egg Noodles) and stuffed pickled peppers that I needed to prepare the night before.

ctvky7After all we had no time to wait out the Hungarian Goulash that I was preparing during the live show, as it would turn into a one-hour-special :) So, the break came and they came for my “kitchen” and us. Us being my daughter and me. As I looked at her, I was surprised to see how nervous my always calm, and level headed daughter was. Her voice was almost completely gone and she had to take a sip of water to calm herself down. Then she smiled at me and we slowly followed Kyle into the studio.

The studio where the show was transmitted from was surprisingly small and the huge camera was just inches from our faces. I still haven’t felt nervous, perhaps it was the calm before the storm, I thought. But as I heard Kyle’s calming voice it dawned on me that all I have to be is myself, so I started answering to his questions, then my daughter, Helen took over as I began cooking. Or actually, reached for the chopped up onion, sliced, peppers and tomatoes ctvky6to start the Goulash. As they reached the pot the sound of sizzling and the immediate steam that followed was breathtaking. It amazed even me because I completely forgot that the stove was on and that I placed the pot with the oil on the burner. Kyle was just as surprised and amazed by the sound and visual effect.

At the back of my mind I gave thanks to God for not delaying our entrance into the studio as even a few minutes would have created a grease fire for sure because I have completely forgotten that I turned the burner on and it being a live show anything could have happened to make Kyle late and push the cooking segment back to the next bread. But it didn’t happen, and everything was all right.

ctvky5Soon the show was over and we were left chatting with him and the rest of the staff, serving up the Goulash that I prepared the night before and the cake the everyone amazed over, seeing the CTV logo on it.

All together it was a great experience and I couldn’t wait to go back for the next cooking segment that was scheduled with Nancy Richards, but that’s another story.

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