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Hello Everyone! Today I will share with you a delicious pastry recipe that many of you requested. My daughter, Helen couldn’t be happier to learn about your request as this little “parcel” is one of her childhood favorites. Your family … Continue reading

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Hello Everyone! Time for a new recipe that I’m sure you’ll enjoy. Breaded Cauliflower is another one those easy to love comfort foods. Believe me; you won’t have any problem making your kids eat this veggie. I usually serve them … Continue reading

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Baked Eggs a’la Helen is another family favourite that you will love to make. Try it once and it will be a hit with you family as well. Wonderful for summer picnics, brunches, Christmas morning breakfast or as a special … Continue reading

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LECSO – Hungarian Ratatouille

Perhaps one of the most popular dishes of Hungary is “Lecso” (pronounced: Lecho) or Hungarian Ratatouille with Hungarian smoked sausages, that breath life to this unique and original dish.The interesting fact about “Lecso” is that accept for the sausages, its … Continue reading

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BUKTA – Hungarian Yeast Pastry

See Video At the Bottom of the Page Visit our new Official website BUKTA is one of the most beloved yeast pastries of Hungary, served hot or cold weekly in every Hungarian household. It is a family favourite served … Continue reading

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