Helen M. Radics

mamibluedressgoldtableHelen M. Radics born Ilona Szabo is a Canadian cookbook author of Hungarian heritage. She has authored 7 English language and 1 Hungarian language cookbooks, numerous e-cookbooks and was named the official Life Magazine Spokesperson for Walnut roll during the 2010 Christmas Season.

The author shares with you The Secret of Hungarian Cooking® one delicious recipe at a time. Hungarian food has always fascinated people regardless of their background. The mouth-watering Hungarian Goulash has been the topic of conversations around the dinner table for generations and is also considered Hungary’s national dish. Helen M. Radics takes you on a journey through Hungary’s history rich, sometimes turbulent culinary world through the pages of her cookbooks and online cooking show.

Treasured Hungarian Family Recipes® The Secret of Hungarian Cooking® is the registered trademark of Helen M. Radics.

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