Treasured Hungarian Family Recipes®© Series

Treasured Hungarian Family Recipes®© cookbook series

Treasured Hungarian Family Recipes®© cookbook series

Treasured Hungarian Family Recipes®© is not only my company’s name but is also the collective title of my cookbook series, which includes 3 volumes.

However, these cookbooks can also be used individually, meaning you don’t need to have the complete series to have an authentic collection of recipes. You should know that the 3rd cookbook, Treasured Hungarian family Recipes®© is a complete baking book, from sweet to savory.

Let me share with you some of the features of the books and give you a taste of what to expect by showing you some of the recipes that made them so popular. All of these books are English language Hungarian cookbooks enriched by colored and black and white photos.


• Hungarian Culinary Evolution
• Herbal Dictionary
• Hungarian Red Paprika
• History of Hungarian Wine
• Hungarian Wine Selection
• Appetizers
• Soups
• Main Dishes
• Side Dishes
• Cakes/Pastries/Sweets
• Breads/Biscuits/Bread Sticks
• Chocolate Truffles

As Hungarian Goulash is considered a national treasure I would like to share with you the basic Goulash recipe through a video recipe from my cooking channel and from this blog as well. I also bring you Hungarian Walnut Roll and Poppy Seed Roll which are a staple of every Hungarian household when it comes to Christmas and Easter. Of course you may establish your own tradition by making it a go-to-recipe whenever you have company.

You will find hundreds of other recipes in the 1st book of the series that will make it your favorite cookbook for years to come. The book is also available in an e-book format.


You will find the delectable creations of turn of the century Budapest Cafe Houses, the elegant dishes of Hungarian Gourmet Restaurants and the mouth-watering rustic recipes of the everyday Hungarian household.

The book contains Hungarian Goulashes, Soup, Paprikash , Meat Dishes, Pasta Dishes and traditional vegetable main dishes, called “fozelek” in Hungarian. They are similar to Creamed Spinach, with one main difference, withouth the use of “cream”. They are a lighter and healthier alternative to cooking with heavy cream. Hungarians rarely use cream in their dishes, the rich texture of these vegetable dishes are achieved by sour cream and flour. Hungarians are also passionate about soups and that love is reflected in the special selection of soups included in Treasured Hungarian Family Recipes™ 2

Table of Contents

Hungarian Red Paprika History
Health Benefits of Spices/Oils/Herbs/Fruits/Vegetables
Cafe New York
Hungarian Goulashes & Paprikash Dishes
Vegetable Main Dishes (Fozelek)
Meat Dishes
Side Dishes
Cakes / Pastries / Sweet
Chocolate Truffles


The 3rd book in the series is a complete baking book, that includes many of her own creations, dreamed up by her fertile imagination. Helen’s books are a bountiful gathering of traditional Hungarian heritage recipes that your family will adore. Her complete baking book is a perfect mixture of tradition and modern culinary applications.

This book includes many famous recipes such us Black Forest Cake, Jokai Torte, Punch Cake and special holiday cakes for Thanksgiving, Halloween, Valentine’s Day, and Christmas. Old World Favorites such as Dobos Torte, Sacher Torte, Eszterhazy Torte, Gerbeaud Slice (Zserbo), Gundel Crape and of course Hungarian Walnut Roll and Poppy Seed Rolls are also included in this wonderful collection of Hungarian heritage recipes.

There is a sinful cookie section complete with Stained Glass Cookies that could be used as a Christmas tree decoration. Spider web cookies for Halloween, Meringue Ghosts, Artesian Breads, Biscuits and perhaps the most surprising of them all, her Ham & Cheese Flowers that are wonderfully surprising for Brunch, Picnic or Christmas Day breakfast. So don’t miss out on another jewel in the world of culinary art. A must have for the baker of the family. SALE is on now!!! Buy this easy to follow guide of some of the worlds most sought after collection of mesmerizing desserts, fragrant breads, biscuits and many more specialties.

Table of Contents – Tartalom

Cafe Houses of Budapes – Budapesti Kavehazak
Cafe New York – New York Kavezo
Cafe Gerbeaud – Gerbeaud (Zserbo) Kavezo
Gundel Restaurant
Pastries / Donuts / Cookies
Breads / Biscuits / Dinner Rolls

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